Monday, April 5, 2010

A Message For Us

Recently we noticed something, something that is bad in us, something we should change. That is when some new members join us in some occasions, a few close friends of mine and I will sit in a group and only talk on our own, seldom ask the new member to join us. This is really bad, as a child of God we should not do this, because He asks us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, so the new members are our neighbors too!

Last weekend, we had our dinner together in Easter, with one of my friends who seldom joined us. We made the same mistake again, and my friend just look at us when we were talking. From his eyes and expression, I felt that he was evaluating us. He didn't join us just like a bunch friends hanging out together like last time anymore, there was a lot of thought in his mind. I didn't like this feeling, I felt bad that night. Is it because I am not good enough? Is it because I looked strange and weird for him? These questions were floating in my mind for the whole night. I think, if we showed our warmth and friendliness and talked more to him that night, maybe this would not happen.

So, we had decided that starting from this week, I will not just care about myself and a few of my close friends only, but also care about the people around us, ask them to join together, share happiness and sadness together. I believe that this not only can wipe out the feeling of being isolated in new members, but also can build each other up in a body, body of Christ!


  1. Don't worry, as time passes by,we'll grow mature in Christ...

  2. I agreed. I am learning to be a better person too. Care and love to the people around us in Christ Jesus our Lord.