Friday, April 2, 2010

An Answered Prayer

Everyday I prayed to God, "God, please, provide someone for me to rent my room, so that I can move out." Everyday I suffer in this matter, and praying the same thing to Him for a few months, but there was still no reply from Him.

Last night, someone sms me to ask me whether my room is still available! I was so surprise! He really answered my prayer! However, that person is still not sure will rent my room or not. But hope that this is the right person who is provided by Him.

In our daily lives, when we prayed, if the matter that we prayed for does not appear, does not mean that He can not hear it, He is just testing our patience, testing our trust in Him. He is actually see us suffering, and telling us, "Hold on, don't give up, continue it in my way and you will find the answer!" I will continue to walk in His way and have patience for His answer as He had been waiting for me patiently before this.

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  1. Remember the storm? Maybe Jesus is sleeping. Just wake him up!!