Thursday, October 14, 2010

Everything Is Under God's Control

The things that happen around us are being "arranged". Sometimes there are so many incidents, that you think that is bad incident, around you, however, it will be an opportunity to let us see God, that is not bad at all! There is no coincidence, everything is under God's control.

This is my actual experience with my brothers and sisters in Christ. On the way we, the girls went to lrt station by car, when we wanted to make a turn, we stopped because we realized that the space is not enough, then we stopped. Suddenly, bang! A motorbike had a crush on us. We then parked our car aside and negotiated with the motorist. At this moment, the first thing that appear in our mind is money, "Do we need to pay?", "Is there any scratch in my car?", but not "Is the motorist okay?" or "Is he injured?". During our discussions in a peaceful environment, it is so easy that we say we should show God's image, because we are God's people, but when we face some stress, real situation, can we really do it? But God is faithful and patient, this is the opportunity that he gave us to learn practically in this area. Although this time we make a mistake, He will train us until we can do it. =)

Then, we parked our car at lrt station, enjoyed our orchestra show at klcc, way back to home. We almost forgot the incident just now. We board our car, started the engine, you guess what happen. Two of the tyres are flat! What should we do?! We can not go back! The only thing we can do is ask help from other people. The first person in my mind is our brother, Kai Sin. We called him and Uncle Ooi and Teng are there too! In 2 hours, they changed the tyres and pump it at the petrol station nearby, and we found that this incident was did by someone intentionally. Uncle Ooi taught each of us the way to change tyre. So, thank you so much our brothers! Again, this is arranged by God, originally they have their meeting every Tuesday, but this week it is changed to Thursday night. The timing is "ngam ngam hou"!

Thank you so much God, for letting all these things happen! Maybe for other people they will feel that "Why am I so bad luck today?! God, why did you do this to me?!" But for us, this is a very good practical experience for us, to let us learn to reflect God's image, let us realize that He is with us, He has his own reasons to let all these incidents happen, let us help one another who is in difficulty, let us learn something which we can not learn in bible study or inside the classroom. Again, thank you Lord that you make everything under your control!

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