Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Conflict in My Heart

I had decided to move to another place next semester, but there is something that make me suffering, I was suffering for the last few months with how am I going to tell my housemates?

In the beginning, we had commitment that whoever want to move out have to find someone to replace him, but that time I just thought that our contract with the landlady is just for 1 year, so this commitment is only effective for 1 year, maybe I will change my mind after 1 year. But I just realized that others do not think like this. I don't understand why I am so suffer in this matter, everyday I decided to tell them about this, but everyday I gave myself excuses to tell them tomorrow, until now also haven't tell them. Maybe this is my weakness that I should change.

I am very sure about what I want to do, what I am looking for, just when I face with other people, I will become very soft and everything I will do according to other people's preferences.

What I can do now is just searching for somebody to replace me, which I wait for a few months also couldn't find. Pray to our heavenly Father that He will give me guidance in solving this problem, share the burden in my heart. For Him this is just a peanut, although He haven't given me answer this few months, but I trust that He will answer me at the right time. I can see He is working on it because I saw that He has prepared a place for me to stay where I will be growing more in Christ!

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