Saturday, March 27, 2010


An thrilling movie for me, just like I was in the movie. I hadn't watched this movie I already feel thrilling, thrilling until my heart nearly pop out!

This was the craziest day of my life. Just after bible study, Pei Yin and I went to watch "Daybreakers", which is a horror movie, just 2 of us at the midnight! And I, who seldom drive even in the day time, drove other people's car at night, to Tropicana Mall. When we reached there, just knew that there was no midnight show for this movie there, but we still didn't give up, we decided to go to 1 Utama. Then we got into the car, continued our way to 1U. After 10 minutes drive, we were so curious why can't see 1 U, and we saw a sign board "Puchong". Oh no! We are going to Puchong now!

Then quickly U-turn back, luckily in short time we reached 1U, but where was the parking entrance? Both entrance were being blocked! Then how to go in?! We were still not giving up, ILLEGALLY U-TURN! Yeah, entrance was here, why just now I didn't notice that? But I passed the entrance already, never mind, I returned a little bit. The taxi behind me, please, please don't scold me! Phew, finally we were at the parking entrance there, oh no! The machine that gave the parking ticket was too far away! My hand was not long enough! Immediately I got down from the car to take the ticket. So embarrassing! Haha, luckily there was no car behind me, the taxi went away already.

Get into the parking lot. There was so few cars, quite scary, imagining that later a robber was in front of us, how should i react? We quickly parked our car and get into the shopping mall. The lift there was so old, looked very 阴森. Huh! TGV closed already! Destined that we can not watch the movie! But we were still not giving up, we went to check at GSC, another cinema in 1U, but where was it? Maybe there was way to GSC through first floor. Go to first floor first, we thought. Get into that lift again, after go to first floor, "Where are we now?!" We saw toilet and a very scary corridor, no people or even sound there. We walked for a few steps, Pei Yin said, “I am scared!" We immediately ran back to the lift, and hug each other, both of us were thinking the same thing, "Lift, quickly come la!" When the lift reached, the happiness in us really could not be described. We finally gave up to watch the movie. Left the 鬼地方 in no time. No 1U anymore!

Really an thrilling and exciting movie for us!