Friday, March 26, 2010

A horrible dream

I had a long horrible dream last night, I was very suffering in the process, but i feel a little bit joy in some part of it.

In that dream, the people around me are all seems like possessed by evil spirits, only a few friends of mine and I are not. They keep chasing after us, with evil motive. But there is a hope for us, that is God, we trusted God that He will immune us from the evil spirit, and when we touch the people that is possessed, we pray to God and trust that He can remove the evil spirit from him, without doubt, and He really did that, answered our prayer. This is my joyful part =), like a light that God gave me in the darkness. After that I wake up from my dream.

I realized that my faith in God is growing, compared to last time I won't trust God fully, I only trusted myself. In my life there is full with pressure, suffering, and always a lot of works to do, make me very depress and stressful, just like in the dream, suffer in the darkness, but I trust that my Lord will give me light, like a lamp on my foot, encourage me and give me guidance to enjoy the life that He gives me!

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